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The Night Flight Orchestra Unveil “Transmissions” Video, Announce First U.S. Show Ever


Before we get to The Night Flight Orchestra’s new song, “Transmissions,” a couple of very important notes:

  1. The band just announced an appearance at the annual ProgPower USA festival this coming September, their first show ever in the United States! Should I go?? Most of the other bands on the bill aren’t my thing (seeing Ihsahn would be tight), but this is the moment I’ve been waiting for for years. On the other hand I could just go to Europe to see them any time and then I’d get to hang out in one of any number of amazing cities instead of friggin’ Atlanta… but it’s so close and cheap to get to! Anyone wanna go with me??
  2. That vintage Buick in the music video! Hooooo boy, an absolute beaut. Need me one of those bad boys A.S.A.-fucking-P.

Anyhoo, “Transmissions,” another fantastic entry into the NFO canon, leans harder into a disco backbeat and synthesizers than much of their stuff to the point where it’s almost a synthwave jam. Into it! Loving the violin solo at the end, too. Here’s the lovably corny song description from the band via press release:

“Did you know that every move you make is caused by the brain sending electrical nerve impulses to your limbs? And that every time someone touches you, electrical currents send news about this sensation to your brain? And this, the electricity and magic that you experience when you are truly touched by another human being is what ‘Transmissions‘, the new single and video by The Night Flight Orchestra, is all about, and how that electrical charge is captured and stored somewhere inside you, changing you forever.”

Gave it a spin below. Aeromantic hits February 28 via Nuclear Blast.

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