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Reflections Need Your “Help” Finding a Valentine’s Day Date

Reflections Need Your “Help”  Finding a Valentine’s Day Date

Every now and then, a band comes along that writes music that not only hits your ears right, but also tugs at your heartstrings in a way that makes you re-evaluate the way you listen to music. For me, that band has always been Reflections. For those of you unfamiliar with the Minnesota progressive outfit, they released their previous album The Color Clear in 2015 and went on indefinite hiatus shortly after. Now after four years, they are back with a vengeance with “Help,” the third single off their upcoming fourth full-length release, Willow.

The Color Clear was nothing short of an ambient masterpiece that delved into the depths of depression and the innards of the mind, but Willow takes a different direction, coming in as a wrecking ball of earth-shattering catharsis from negativity, the weight of mental health, accepting the past and moving on from the dark and grey. This leads us to “Help”, which laments the internal struggles the band went through during the hiatus. The colossal atmosphere will be nothing new for longtime fans of Reflections, as “Help” brings their signature brand of chaotic guitar work that anyone who enjoyed Exi(s)t will feel right at home with. For those of you who have never listened before, you’ll find “Help” to be a healthy mix of djent and deathcore, with touches of metalcore and The Acacia Strain peppered in. Should that work in any sort of coherent, logical manner? Absolutely not, but this is Reflections we’re talking about.

As with all Reflections albums, you’ll need to listen Willow in its entirety to see how “Help” fits with the rest of the puzzle. But for now, allow your skull to be crushed under the entirety of its weight, and gear up for the most aggressive album the band has released to date.

Welcome back, Reflections. We fucking missed you.

Willow drops 2/20 via independent release. Check out “Samsara” and “From Nothing” and then pre-order on Bandcamp or MerchNow.

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