Watch: Fan Throws Dead Friend’s Ashes Up on Stage at Mr. Bungle Show


In the ocean, at the foot of a tree, atop a mountain with a splendid sunset view… these are places our deceased loved ones often request their ashes to be scattered.

One metalhead ended up with his mortal remains somewhere way more badass than any of those places: on stage with Mr. Bungle and all over Mike Patton himself. His final resting place likely wasn’t his own wish — Dakota Young died unexpectedly — but he and his friends had tickets to one of the Mr. Bungle reunion shows on February 11 in Brooklyn, and his pals took it upon themselves to determine they’d toss his remains, wrapped in a pair of his underwear, on stage with Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo. Even though the ashes were likely mopped up moments after the show ended, what an intense end to Dakota’s physical being, eh?

What’s more, cell phone video captured the ashes flying through the air with a dusty trail behind them, landing on stage, and exploding in a giant poof as they near the floor. This video will exist forever. Dakota has truly been immortalized!

Watch below. Thanks to Chris S. for sending this in; we wish you, and the rest of Dakota’s friends and family, all the best in moving on from this devastating loss.

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