Here’s a Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Ozzy Osbourne/ Jason Momoa Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

On the day Ozzy Osbourne released his new album, Ordinary Man (read our review), he released a promotional video for the song “Scary Little Green Men” in which he was played by Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones, See, etc.). Momoa is the most metal-friendly non-metal-musician celebrity in the world today… but still, I gotta say, the popularity of the video with MetalSucks readers really caught me by surprise. I mean, it wasn’t even a full video! It was literally a minute long!! But you folks ate it up with spork.

That being the case, I presume you’ll be interested in this new video, which takes you behind-the-scenes of that other video. Momoa continues to come off as a cool dude. Also, he tells where he got all his various pieces of jewelry, if you’re into that kinda thing. Also also, he correctly observes that he looks like “big Dave Navarro” in his Ozzy make-up, which is pretty funny. Also also also, he does a British accent, which I don’t think he’s done in any of his acting roles to date. So. Yeah. A lot to take in here.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes footage — which is nearly four times as long as the original video, and only thirty seconds shorter than “Scary Little Green Men” itself! — below. It does seem like they shot an entire music video with Momoa, so hopefully that will get released at some point. Until then…

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