Danzig Formally Announces Elvis Cover Shows

  • Axl Rosenberg

Two weeks ago, Danzig revealed an April 17 release date for the schadenfreude event of the season, Danzig Sings Elvis, and said he’d be announcing two special Elvis-centric shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco last week. So, he was off by a week. Danzig has certainly made sillier mistakes.

Point being, those shows have now been announced:

“DANZIG will be performing 2 special ‘DANZIG Sings ELVIS’ shows. One in San Francisco on April 17 at Bimbo’s 365 Club. The other will be in Los Angeles on April 22 at the historic Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom.Because DANZIG wanted these to be small special Vegas-Club vibe, tickets are limited, so please, get your tix early if you plan to attend one or both of these special performances!!!”

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, March 13. Here is a link for tickets to the L.A. show… as of this writing, Bimbo’s still doesn’t have anything on their page, but expect that the change shortly.

I assume these shows will enforce the same “no cellphones” policy as the recent Misfits reunion concerts, which will probably be as successful here as it was there… which is to say, not very successful at all. It would be kind of a shame if it were successful, though, because that would mean a lot of us won’t get to experience the gigs in any fashion. Which would be sadder than Danzig having to clean up his motherfuckin’ bricks, bitch.

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