Trapt Frontman Threatens to Sue Parody Twitter Account


Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown is providing the pandemic quarantine entertainment we all need, having kept the masses laughing and website hit counters spiking for nearly three weeks now. What started as a xenophobic, racist rant in defense of Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus and his use of the term “Chinese Virus” has since devolved into scene in-fighting and trash-talking, and it’s been quite something to watch unfold even if it’s a bit sad.

The latest twist involves a parody Twitter account created to mock Brown’s entire being. Rather than rolling with the punches and trolling right back, Brown threatened to sue, suggesting every part of everything he’s said on Twitter of late is 100% serious and not exaggerated one bit to stoke the flames.

The parody account started with the username @TRAPTOFFIClAL, using a lowercase “L” in place of the second “I” in “official” to give the same appearance as Trapt’s actual official account, just without the blue checkmark verification. The account’s owner soon changed the handle to @TRAAPTOFFICIAL after which Brown posted that he’d drop his legal threats… only for the parody account to then change its name back to its original incarnation, but with a new disclaimer in the bio.

One semi-viral tweet, posted Sunday, openly mocked Brown’s politics and “headstrong” attitude:

Yesterday evening, Brown felt riled up enough to respond to one of the account’s tweet by threatening legal action:

The parody account fired back to the threat with the PERFECT response, giving Brown a taste of his own medicine, and prompting another empty threat from the frontman which in turn inspired another zing (spelling error and all):

After Loudwire published a report on the parody account and Brown’s legal threats against it, Brown replied that he didn’t care anymore since the account had changed its name:

But wait, there’s more! In response to Brown’s dismissal of the issue because of the TRAAPT name change, the parody account has now changed its name BACK to its original incarnation — @TRAPTOFFIClAL with a lower case L in place of the second I — but with the following description in its bio: “hey thabjs for checking out our page:) we are the rock band traptofficLal (not to be confused with @traptofficial) that loves USA and kicking ass”

MWAH! *Chef’s kiss.*

There’s also this absolutely gorgeous pwn:

Take note, trolls: Chris Taylor Brown does not mind being made fun of as long as you’re not impersonating him. He definitely doesn’t have thin skin. Nope, certainly not a frail ego, either. Headstrong, he’ll take you on!!

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