How to Rock Psycho Las Vegas on a Budget


The Psycho Las Vegas festival has become a must-visit destination metal festival in the last few years. Having once been hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, it now takes place in the plush confines of the sprawling Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel resort. It’s a somewhat confusingly heady blend of corporate America meets heavy metal, with some stages even allowing fans to watch the action from the cooling waters of a pool.

So, you’ve decided to etch the Psycho Las Vegas festival onto your bucket list but you’re worried about how much it all might cost? Fear not, because we have some top tips to help you skimp your dollars away from the mosh pit, so that when the hammer drops the last thing you’ll be fretting about is money.

How to Rock Psycho Las Vegas on a Budget

Tipping Can Go a Long Way in Vegas

It almost seems like a cliché at this point on the strip but tipping the reception staff upon arrival can really help your money go further for the rest of your stay. Also keep in mind that staff are often keen to accommodate special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries or honeymoons, so if you’ve chosen Psycho as the time to celebrate a landmark day in your life, make sure your hotel knows about it.

The best time to ask for an upgrade is around 6pm because by that time the staff should know which rooms will be vacant for the night.

How to Rock Psycho Las Vegas on a Budget

Hit Buffets Hard So You Can Rage All Night

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a set performed by your favorite band only for your stomach to start rumbling, and in Las Vegas it always pays to make sure you stockpile energy reserves early, which will leave you in good stead for the rest of the day. That’s where brunch buffets come in handy!

Some of the best include the locals’ favorite, Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet, which blends high quality with affordable prices, and the Carnival World Buffet that has no less than 200 dishes to choose from.

Sometimes Playing Games Can Be Thirst Quenching

At the 2019 edition of Psycho there were numerous heavy hitters from the metal world on show, including Opeth, Misfits and Electric Wizard, meaning that you’ll want to temper your excitement with a few cool ones. For the fiscally conscious thrasher, it may be wise to go and try your hand at some of the games in the host resort’s casino area, where if you tip the waitresses they will be sure to bring you free drinks as long as you at least play a few hands or set the reels spinning now and again.

Remember, politeness goes a long way and be sure to keep the tips constant so the beverages keep flowing.

Travelling in Style Can Be Costly in Vegas

If you plan to stay at the Mandalay Bay for the duration of the festival there may not be too much need for you to venture outside of its confines, but for those who do wish to explore further afield it’s useful to keep in mind that transport costs can soon mount up in Vegas.

Luckily there’s a great bus line that chugs up and down the whole strip and only costs $8 a day. Alternatively, many hotels and casinos run free shuttle services, so be sure to check that you’re not missing out on a free ride.

Set Yourself a Daily Budget and Stick to It

It goes without saying that Las Vegas by its very nature is something of a sinkhole for money, with every part of its make-up designed to maximize revenue. With this in mind, it pays to set yourself a daily spend limit. Some credit cards will even allow you to set this up before you get to the festival. Otherwise, leave your cards in your room and take cash. Just make sure you don’t go jumping in the pool!

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