Classic Concert of the Day: Anthrax at The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI, 1991

  • Axl Rosenberg

You’re all cooped up. We’re all cooped up. Everyone’s friggin’ cooped up! You’re scrolling through our social feeds, texting with friends, eating, drinking coffee, watching TV, scrolling through our social feeds again, eating again, playing that dumb mobile game you downloaded from an Instagram ad and can’t stop playing, eating again, chatting with friends on a Zoom call, scrolling through our social feeds again, all while worrying about where your next paycheck is gonna come from. These are tough times, people.

To help pass the time, we’ll be sharing a classic metal concert every day (and by “every day,” we mean “as it occurs to us”). Watch some of it, watch all of it, watch only one song… we don’t care! As it long as it provides you with a bit of entertainment.

Bummed that Rocklahoma 2020 has been cancelled? Well, this oughta help cheer you up, at least a little: Anthrax — one of the best bands scheduled to play at Rocklahoma this year — performing at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI on February 4, 1991. The band was touring in support of Persistence of Time, which had been released the previous summer, and ended up being their final album with Joey Belladonna until Worship Music came out twenty-one-years later. Belladonna was thirty at the time, making him the oldest member of the band, while Bello, the youngest, was just twenty-six. In other words, this is Anthrax in their prime. And this ain’t no bootleg — the footage was pro-shot! So hopefully it helps ease your Rocklahoma withdrawal at least a little.

Have at it, folks:

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