Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Releases Eat the Day Demos


In October of 2001, Wes Borland quit Limp Bizkit, presumably because, like so many of us, 9/11 made him completely re-evaluate what the fuck he was doing with his life. In the eight years that followed, before he reunited with Fred Durst and company, he worked on a buncha other shit. One of those other shits was a project called Eat the Day, which was never fully digested.

Now Borland has released the Eat the Day demos, which The PRP tells me were created circa 2003. For the most part, they sound mercifully un-Bizkitian, and more in line with the actually-interesting work Borland has sometimes done outside that band (I’m particularly fond of “Whalephant” myself)… although tracks like “Taste My Gun” and “Gunship Down,” will help you if you’re jonesin’ for your fix of that Limp Bizkit mix (I’m trying not to read too hard into the fact that both of those tracks have the word “gun” in their title).

Incidentally, at some point Borland tried to fold Eat the Day into The Damning Well, the “band” he had with Filter’s Richard Patrick, Nine Inch Nails’ Danny Lohner, and drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese. That group released one song, “Awakening,” on the soundtrack for the 2003 movie Underworld, and promptly did nothing ever again. I dunno why that didn’t work out.

You can check out the Eat the Day demos below, or on your streaming platform of choice. Below that, I’ll stick “Awakening,” that one Damning Well song, because I’m a sweetheart like that.

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