Listen to Danzig’s Cover of Elvis Presley’s “One Night”

  • Axl Rosenberg

After hearing about the goddamn thing for the past year, the release of Glenn Danzig’s Elvis Presley covers album — cleverly titled Danzig Sings Elvis — is finally just about a week away. Furthermore, Mr. Danzig has finally released a single from that album in the form of “One Night.”

So how is it? Uh… well… I’d like to quote our old pal Crash Thompson’s review of Skeletons, Danzig’s 2015 covers album: “It sounds like it was recorded into a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was left in somebody’s pants pocket and run through the washing machine six times.” Which is to say nothing of the fact that Danzig himself sounds like he recorded his vocals immediately after being woken from a nap.

So. Yeah. Not Glenn’s finest hour.

Listen to the track below and see if you disagree with me (I’ve put the original Elvis version below that in the unlikely event you’ve never heard it before). Danzig Sings Elvis comes out April 17. Danzig’ll be doing special Elvis-themed shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco sometime later this year.

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