Carnifex Say They Lost Over $250,000 Due to Canceled Tour


Carnifex, like so many bands, were forced to call off a tour when COVID-19 took over the world. What a lot of fans likely don’t realize is that in doing so, these bands not only lost income from the actual shows and sales of merch — many of them lost money that had already been invested in the trek. Having merch produced, shipping gear, making travel accommodations, hiring crew… these things don’t just happen all by themselves. You gotta spend money to make money. It’s part of what makes life as a musician such a gamble.

In the case of Carnifex, the amount of money lost, according to vocalist Scott Lewis, was more than $250,000. Lewis says that he “personally lost about $60K.” Even if you’re not a Carnifex fan, that has to make you feel for these dudes.

The revelation came via a tweet in which Lewis was responding to a recent interview with U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and adult Garbage Pail Kid, Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin and his wife, failed actress Louise Linton, have both come under fire before for making insensitive, tone deaf comments that demonstrate they have no idea what it’s like not to be rich. Mnuchin has now done it again in this latest interview, during which he suggested that Americans can live on just $1,200 — the amount offered by the incoming coronavirus stimulus checks — for ten weeks.

That’s terrible, obviously, but I would argue that Lewis is wrong to suggest burning Mnuchin and his ilk alive. I mean, yeah, burning alive is definitely a terrible way to go. But there are so many more brutal ways they could be punished. Did you know that Mnuchin was a producer on Batman v Superman, for example? Do you know how AWFUL it would be if we made him actually watch that movie on repeat endlessly for a few weeks? BRUTAL.

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