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Lamb of God Have Pushed Back Their Album Release


Citing manufacturing and shipping delays on physical product due to the coronavirus, Lamb of God have decided to push back the release date of their new, self-titled album, from May 8 to June 19. A third single, following “Checkmate” and “Memento Mori,” is planned for release this week, while a fourth one has been added to the calendar to tide fans over until the album comes out.

Before we get to the band’s quote, one quick note. The statement’s closing line, “and see you on the road sometime,” is telling of how the band is currently viewing their summer co-headline tour with Megadeth: very tentatively. The first leg is scheduled to start June 12, and it seems all but certain that run will be canceled/postponed as social distancing measures remain in place. As for the second leg, that’s not until October, but if you believe health experts who say touring isn’t likely to return until fall 2021 — and if you just use your brain to observe what’s going on around you — there’s a good chance that leg comes down, too.

Anyhoo, here’s Lamb of God’s statement on the release date, issued by press release:

“Regrettably, we have to announce that the release date for our upcoming self-titled album is being moved five weeks, to June 19th. We’re in extraordinary times due to the current global reality and the delay of shipments of all-but essential goods needed in the fight against COVID-19. After talks with our labels, there is no other option than to delay the release so that fans who pre-ordered the album can receive the record they paid for.

“We appreciate your patience during these times – a global pandemic is not something people in the music industry usually take into account when scheduling album releases, but as you know, this thing has affected everyone across the board, and we are no exception.

“We will, however, be releasing a new song, ‘New Colossal Hate,’ this Thursday, April 23rd and plan to release a 4th song from the album before the full album is released in June.

“Thank you for your understanding.

“Wash your damn hands, let us know what you think of the new tunes, and see you on the road sometime!”

We’ll keep you apprised of news relating to Lamb of God touring activities, and we will of course post those new singles for you all when they drop.

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