Producer Who Trolled Corelia Out of Hiding Offers to Finish Album for Free


Earlier this week, producer Tim Ossenfort successfully smoked prog metal band Corelia out of hiding after the band crowdfunded more than $33,000 back in 2015 to make an album and then never released it. Now Ossenfort, who lives in the Los Angeles area a couple of hours up the road from Corelia’s native San Diego, has offered to help the band finish their album — for free.

In case you missed it, Ossenfort, an unaffiliated producer posing as a disgruntled former band member under the similarly-named Facebook page “Corelias,” threatened to release the finished album to the world. His troll page attracted quite a bit of attention from the metal community, including from Corelia themselves, who at first issued a vague, brief update, then a much longer, more detailed one. In the latter, they explained that mental illness was to blame for the delays, with an incommunicado member making the album’s completion difficult. They also apologized to fans multiple times, pledged to release the album in as finished a form as possible given those issues, and to refund any portion of the crowdfunded money that hadn’t been spent.

Ossenfort has reached out to MetalSucks with a statement outlining his generous offer to help Corelia finish their album and get it ready for release:

“This week I pranked Corelia, and as you’ve all seen it went way out of left field. After some back and forth between me and the official Corelia page, I got my joke in. The last thing I expected was that most recent statement from Corelia. I ragged on you guys pretty hard but end of day I dig your music and want to help with anything I can to get it released!

“I understand how much BS you might be going through and this is partially my fault for the flare up, so I owe you one. I work in Los Angeles and have good industry relationships. I don’t know the current state of your music, but if you need to re-track parts, get session players in, mix, master, overdub, film music videos, etc. I want to offer help at absolutely no charge for my services, or to connect you to the right people if it’s something I can’t do myself.”

Here’s to hoping Corelia take up Ossenfort on his offer! Why not, right?

Corelia members and fan alike can take a listen to some of Ossenfort’s recent recording credits below, which would certainly fit well on a playlist with Corelia.

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