Deftones Discussing Pushing Back Album Release as Summer Tour with Gojira Likely Canceled


One way or another, time always seems to conspire to delay Deftones album releases, as certain as death and taxes. Infighting, Chi Cheng’s tragic accident, plain old taking their time to get the music right… it’s always something!

Here we are in the middle of a friggin’ pandemic, and once again here we are with another possible Deftones album delay. The album, mind you, that the band promised would be out in 2019, so the coronavirus isn’t even entirely at fault.

Despite finishing laying down tracks at some point earlier this year (or late last year) and beginning mixing last month, frontman Chino Moreno told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in a new interview that, while they haven’t decided yet, the band are mulling over pushing back the album’s release from its planned (but as-of-yet unannounced) summer unveiling. While the band intended for the album’s release to coincide with their big summer tour with Gojira and Poppy, Chino explains that now there’s “no rush” since that tour likely won’t happen:

“We started the record last summer and we, I mean, even before that we were taking our time and just doing at our leisure,” Moreno said. “We just started the mixing process a couple of months back. It worked out as far as doing it remote. Our producer, Terry Date, who’s doing the record, he’s in Seattle. As a band, we’re all spread out anyways.”

“Usually it would be a little more expedited had we all been able to be in the same room at the same time, but it’s working out and he just finished his first full round of mixing the whole record and now it’s going back to little things and particular things on each song. So we’re using the time, trying to at least, by still working on the record and there’s no rush obviously for us to get out and do anything. So we’re just taking our time with it.”

“We haven’t really discussed it too deeply other than we plan on it coming out this summer. It’s not looking like we’re going to be able to get out there this summer to support it. So does it make sense to put it out when you can’t support it? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Moreno discussed teaming up once again with producer Terry Date, the 10th anniversary of Diamond Eyes and the 20th of White Pony. Revolver has the transcript for all of that. Watch the chat below.

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