Devourment Bassist’s Quarantine Video Slays Your Band’s Pansy-Ass Quarantine Video


Quarantine playthrough videos are all the rage right now whatwith the isolated musician masses having jack shit else to do.

Most have gone the serious route, filmed in whatever room in the house is the least pedestrian while carefully choosing the best camera angles, mean mugging for the camera and so and so forth.

And then there’s Devourment bassist Dave Spencer, who decided to have a good time and be silly. Because death metal is silly. All metal is silly. Life is fucking silly. Why waste it being so SERIOUS?

Dave tells MetalSucks, “I went for the feel of a rapper showing off his crib, while retaining the bands Texas routes by including some country type shots playing on the porch and truck.” And indeed, the video features all of those things, as well as him playing on the frickin’ roof. Dave risked his life for you, all while being a good boy and staying at home unlike the rest of the idiots in this country.

So yeah, Dave’s quarantine video slays your band’s pansy-ass quarantine video by infinity. It’s not even close. Sorry.

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