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Fear Factory’s Burton Seabell Guests in Skumlove Video


Last we heard any news involving Fear Factory, former bassist and guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers was spouting off well-researched pleasantries about how COVID-19 is a biological weapon invented to kill “anti-Commie protestors” and insinuating that Bernie Sanders is a nazi.

Before that, rumors were circulating that Fear Factory might attempt to release an album under a different name following the public reveal that the band as it exists now (vocalist Burton Seabell and guitarist Dino Cazares) were in a years-long court battle with former members, including Wolbers, over the rights to the band’s name.

Before that, going back to April of last year, a Fear Factory greatest hits package was released without the band’s knowledge.

What I’m getting at is that recent times have not been good to Fear Factory.

And, man, neither is what I’m about to show you.

It’s a video by L.A. nu-metal band Skumlove featuring Mr. Seabell himself and it’s… not good. The band decided to make a quarantine video of the track “Infected” — get it? so clever! — from their most recent album, and since Seabell lent his vocals to the original recording, he makes an appearance in the video, too. It’s good to see Seabell out and about again, I just wish it were something a bit more inspiring than this.

But maybe you’ll dig it! I can’t say. Only one way to find out.

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