Puscifer Release Timely New Song + Video, “Apocalyptical”


As suspected, Maynard James Keenan’s third-most-popular project, Puscifer, will be releasing a new album this year. We don’t know what that album will be called, and we don’t know exactly when it will be released. But we do have a first single, “Apocalyptical.”

I’m not usually much a Puscifer fan, but I find this song surprisingly catchy, if maybe a little repetitive. The video, which features allusions to COVID-19, a dude in a hazmat skateboarding through a deserted Los Angeles, and all kinds of weirdness from Keenan and co-vocalist Carina Round, is certainly worth a watch. And while the song’s melody is kinda sexy, the lyrics are pissed-off and timely. For example:

Concrete conclusions be damned
They won’t believe you until it’s far too late

Go on, moron, ignore the evidence
Skid in to Armageddon
Tango Apocalyptical

Although the video was clearly created after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, those words could have been written at pretty much any point in recent memory and still felt relevant… I mean, Keenan could just as easily be addressing the environment as he could willful ignorance regarding the virus. Hopefully, by the time my grandkids are born, they won’t seem so relevant.

Check out “Apocalyptical” below. If you dig it, you can purchase it here. We’ll let you know when the new Puscifer record gets a title and release date.

Thanks: Ranpal C.

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