Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

  • Jeff Treppel

2020 still sucks. Here are some new metal albums that don’t.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

Sudden Death (Century Media)

Once-Sweden rockers Horisont have been making moves towards the AOR side of the dial for a few albums now, but on Sudden Death they fully arrive in the land of Toto and Electric Light Orchestra. They still possess a knack for big classic rock hooks and Thin Lizzy guitar harmonies. Their former edge is sorely missed, though. Even the dramatic sax doesn’t quite make up for it. It still makes for great music to blast from the tape deck of your Camaro, though.

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Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

Master Boot Record
VirtuaVerse OST (Blood Music)

Master Boot Record seems like a natural fit for a cyberpunk-themed throwback PC game. Judging by the music on here alone, it seems more appropriate for a platformer or a Contra-style shooter than a point-and-click adventure like VirtuaVerse. It still rules. He leans more into the chiptune side of his style here, but even without guitars his darksynth possesses a metallic edge. Even if you don’t feel like playing the game itself, this makes for a perfect jacking-in point.

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Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

La Ilden Lyse (Southern Lord)

Do you like recent Darkthrone but wish it was a little less ambitious? Okkultokrati have you covered! By no means is that a bad thing – this type of punky black ‘n’ roll is pretty hard to screw up and always damn satisfying. The assault gets a little monotonous by the end (this could have been a tight half-hour instead of 45 minutes), but this Finnish death squad brings the Satanic shred.

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Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

Paradise Lost
Obsidian (NB)

We always knew the Paradise Lost were great, but who knew that they would continue to be great this far into their career? They’ve been on fire since 2007 comeback In Requiem – their renaissance has lasted longer than most bands’ careers. Obsidian delivers more of the death-doom of their last few albums, but it also plays to their other strengths. “Forsaken” may be their catchiest Gothic metal grave rave since “True Belief.” Another highlight in a career full of them.

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Sh*t That Comes out Today: May 15, 2020

Triptykon (with the Metropole Orkest)
Requiem – Live At Roadburn 2019 (Century Media)

It’s been a long goddamn wait for the follow-up to Melana Chasmata, and this ain’t it. Requiem does, however, check off one of the items on Tom G. Warrior’s bucket list: the complete performance of a triptych piece begun by Celtic Frost 33 years ago with “Rex Irae.” Bookended by that song and “Winter” from CF’s Monotheist, the middle section is the closest we will ever get to new Celtic Frost material. Turns out it’s some Pink Floydian psych weirdness, melancholy doom, and avant-garde classical. It’s also great.


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Pattern-Seeking Animals – Prehensile Tales (InsideOut) Listen
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Between The Buried And Me – Between The Buried And Me Vinyl Reissue (Craft) Listen
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