Are Genghis Tron Reuniting at Last?!?!


It’s been almost two years since I demanded that electro-grind pioneers Genghis Tron get off their lazy asses and reunite already, and it looks as though they may finally be taking my advice.

The trio, who have been “taking some time away from the band” since 2010 — so long ago that they made the announcement via goddamn MySpace! — posted a photo of various pieces of music gear on social media lately, along with this cryptic-but-not-really-cryptic caption:

“I swear real news is coming soon. Stay tuned…”

They also took to Instagram to peddle merch for the first time in forever:

Now, it’s possible that “real news” is just a reissue or whatever, but I can’t imagine the band would be so cruel as to get us all hot n’ bothered in the name of colored vinyls and previously-unreleased demos or whatever. Obviously the band can’t play live right now, but I’d commit heinous crimes for some new GT music.

You’ll know more when we do…

[via Metal Injection]

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