Poll: Which Potential Solution to Allowing Concerts in the Age of Coronavirus Do You Find Most Appealing?


The music world — not just the metal community! — is currently in the midst of a desperate search for ways to revive concerts in a post-coronavirus world. The reasons for this are both emotional and practical: we all love live music, and concerts are the financial cornerstone of the modern industry. Being unable to perform hurts the bands in multiple ways (ability to promote their albums, merch sales, etc.), promoters, venues, merch manufacturers, and even media outlets such as MetalSucks.

Thus far, we’ve seen a number of potential solutions:

None of these options are what one might call “appealing.” Still, they will likely be the only way any of us are going to get to experience a concert before the winter of 2021, likely even later.

So that sucks.

This being the case, we’re curious: which of these options do YOU, our loyal readers, most prefer? Are you down to wear a hazmat suit? Think rocking out from a seat in your car sounds just fine? Perhaps you don’t mind being one of just a few fans in a mostly-empty venue? Or maybe you’d rather just watch bands from the safety of your computer until there’s a vaccine?

We wanna hear from you… cast your vote below!!!

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