Frankie Palmeri Did Real Good With the Lyrics for the New Emmure Song


Look, even if you don’t like Emmure’s music, you have to admit: there are some talented dudes in that band.

Problem is, Frankie Palmeri is in that band, too.

Which helps explain the nu-metally semi-rapping on the band’s new single, “Uncontrollable Descent.” It’s pretty wack, and detracts from an other tolerable-enough djeanthcore song.

Not that this is even remotely important, but since I have a PhD in remotely unimportant studies…

The lyrics for the song were included on YouTube, and call it a hunch, but I am 99.9% certain that this is just how Frankie wrote out his, um, poetry. In which case, someone should check to see if his space bar is broken. Hey, weird shit happens. David Draiman couldn’t turn his caps lock off for, like, a decade or something crazy like that.

“Wise men have been told;That you get what you give.But now you’re getting out.You can’t handle all the mistakes that you made the pressure’s adding up.Running out of time.Now the dreams that you had they start to slip away. You can try to hide from the truth, but the truth will always get you.Harsh fall back to reality.And you will rue the day that you’re face to face with me. Wise men have been told;That this life is a gift, but never opening. Always wrapping up, to be put in the hands on the next one.Bathe in your grief. Your struggle is not unique.Harsh fall back to reality. And you will rue the day that you’re face to face with me.Back to reality with me.”

Oof. That is some bleak philosophical shit right there. Man. Frankie is really going through something, huh?

Consenting adults can choose to listen to “Uncontrollable Descent” below. Emmure’s new album, Hindsight, sets its sights on your hind on June 26 via SharpTone Records.

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