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Justin Chancellor Has “Some Interesting Riffs” Written for New Tool Music


When Tool drummer Danny Carey said a few weeks ago that he’d kinda sorta maybe start thinking about writing new Tool music while under quarantine I kinda rolled my eyes. Here we go again! Wake me up in a decade when the next album’s out, ya know? I can’t get too sucked into this narrative all over again.

Now the band’s bassist, Justin Chancellor, has added fuel to the fire with some new music ideations of his own.

In a chat with Bass Magazine about how he’s been keeping busy during the pandemic lockdown, he revealed that, in addition to a whole bunch of household work, he’s been writing music for a project with Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy, another with Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten’s upcoming Bass Extremes record, and… duh, some Tool stuff.

“Last but not least,” he said, “I’ve written some interesting riffs which will be reserved for Tool!”

Interesting riffs. Reserved. For Tool. Alright, then!

I wouldn’t count on hearing those riffs any time approaching soon, but there’s something for y’all Tool freaks to bug out over heading into the weekend.

[via Kerrang!]

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