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Imperial Triumphant’s “Rotted Futures” Sounds as Fetid as Its Name


“Rotted Futures,” the latest single from New York avant-garde metallers Imperial Triumphant and the first single from their upcoming album, sounds as disgusting and gross as its title suggests. I mean that in the best way possible: with its churning bass, skronk-laden guitar, frenzied jazz drumming and guttural barks, the song is about as unsettling as metal comes. And what is metal for if not to upset us and make us uncomfortable?

The band offers of the new track, which comes along with a video:

“No one knows what the future shall look like. Well, some might know the shape of things to come. Some will bet on it. Perhaps we’re living it. Perhaps it will be quite different. If we had a special looking glass that could reveal millennia of repeated timelines we might observe big dreams for a bright future, built upon systemic shifts that eventually fall. Behold the future,”

Imperial Triumphant are one of my personal favorite up-and-coming metal bands on the experimental side of the spectrum, and I can’t wait to hear all of Alphaville, which comes out July 31 via Century Media; pre-order here.

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