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Guns N’ Roses Members Rip “Repulsive” Donald Trump and “Racist White Dipsh*ts”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Guns N’ Roses’ Holy Trinity — founding members Axl Rose (vocals), Slash (guitar), and Duff McKagan (bass) — have all taken to social media to express their feelings about both Donald Trump and the current protests and riots inspired by the murder of George Floyd… and, unsurprisingly if you’ve followed the band’s general reaction to Trump and his administration, none of them have Trump or his supporters’ backs.

First, there’s Rose, who responded to Tweet in which Trump scolded “the Lamestream Media” for “foment[ing] hatred and anarchy.” (Side note: When did Trump learn the word “foment”? Doesn’t that seems like a big word for a man with such a pitiable vocabulary?)

Rose replied to this tweet:

“Lamestream media ISN’T doing everything within their power 2 foment hatred n’ anarchy, that’s U! As long as we get what Ur doing, that Ur FAKE NEWS n’ a truly bad, repulsive excuse 4 a person w/a sick agenda, we can work past U w/whatever it takes 2 a better, stronger future!!”

Unlike his Steve Mnuchin, his Treasury Secretary, Trump has thus far had the good sense not to take Rose’s bait.

McKagan, meanwhile, offered this message to his social media followers:

“Well..this cop on Black racism has to stop…but we’ve known this forever. I’m more and more stunned and sickened when I hear of this stuff continuously happening. I am not a black man..so I can’t even pretend to understand what it’s like….but even MORE, I can’t understand what it’s like to be a racist white dipshit. I don’t get it. I will never ‘get’ it. Thankfully, I grew up different. Police training and vetting of new and old officers has to change radically. For starters…Peace to all of us.


Finally, Slash — whose late mother was African-American — offered a much simpler, if no less powerful, response to Floyd’s murder:

The trio’s response seems especially noteworthy given that in 1988 they released the song “One in a Million,” the lyrics of which include slurs against both blacks, homosexuals, and immigrants. While the band has never issued the formal recantation the matter deserves, continuing to use their considerable platform to fight the good fight is inarguably a step in the right direction.

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