Too Soon? Motoid Man’s Best of 2020… So Far


Black lives matter. Defund the police. Trans rights are human rights. Capitalism was a mistake. Here are 40 albums from 2020 that are almost as pissed as I am.

Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis (SoM)
Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Afterbirth – Four Dimensional Flesh (Unique Leader Records)
Ambush – Infidel (High Roller Records)
Azusa – Loop of Yesterdays (Solid State Records)
Chaver – A Cellar Door (Injustice Records)
Collision – The Final Kill (Hammerheart Records)
Cryptic Shift – Visitations from Enceladus (Blood Harvest)
Cursed Mantis – Cursed Mantis (or, The Search For Cheese In Space)(independent)
Deathwhite – Grave Image (SoM)
Devangelic – Ersetu (Willowtip Records)
Drown – Subaqueous (Lupus Lounge)
Elder – Omens (Armageddon Label)
Elephant Tree – Habits (Holy Roar Records)
END – Splinters From An EverChanging Face (Closed Casket Activities)
Errant – Errant (Manatee Rampage Recordings)
Fange – Podeur (Throatruiner Records)
Fliege – The Invisible Seam (independent)
Foes – American Violence (Glacier Recordings)
Giver – Sculpture of Violence (Holy Roar Records)
Håndgemeng – Grim Riffer (independent)
Initiate – Lavender (1031053 Records)
Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions (Metal Blade Records)
Irist – Order of the Mind (NB)
King Witch – Body of Light (Listenable Records)
Mountaineer – Bloodletting (Lifeforce Records)
Mourir – Animal Bouffe Animal (independent)
Nero Di Marte – Immoto (SoM)
NORD – The Only Way To Reach The Surface (Klonosphere)
Old Man Gloom – Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning/Seminar IX: Darknessof Being (Profound Lore Records)
Pornohelmut – Bang Lord (Atypeek Music)
PYRE – Come Home (independent)
Rannoch – Reflections Upon Darkness (independent)
Red Method – For The Sick (Depraved Records)
Ripped to Shreds – Luan (Nameless Grave Records)
Satyr – Locus (independent)
Sicarius – God of Dead Roots (M-Theory Audio)
Svart Crown – Wolves Among The Ashes (Century Media)
Temple of Void – The World That Was (independent)
Tombs – Monarchy of Shadows (SoM)
URSA – Mother Bear, Father Toad (independent)

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