Corey Taylor is Working on a Coffee Table Book Featuring Nonsensical Clown Quotes


Hard-hitting journalistic outpost Knotfest.com recently conducted an interview with one of its owners, Corey Taylor, giving the rest of the metal media world a badly-needed dose of What Corey Taylor Thinks.

The half hour chat covered a variety of topics, but the one I find most entertaining is Corey’s thoughts on his bandmate M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s infamous nonsensical ramblings, and the revelation that he’s working on a coffee table book that’ll contain nothing but quotes from the band’s verbally eclectic keg-banger in chief.

When asked about the podcast Clown is hosting as part of the Knotfest.com rebrand/relaunch, Corey answered:

“Far being from me to cast aspersions for talking too much… [Laughs] But it’s going to be interesting to see if he can let somebody get a word in edge-wise because he and I compete sometimes to see who can talk the most. [Laughs] But the great thing about Clown, and people who know him will back me up on this is his – god, how do I phrase it – his liberal use of changing phrases that we’ve all used for years, and basically bending them to his will.

“I’ve been keeping a list of things that he has said over the years, his style with the English language is something to be admired and the world is really going to get a taste of unfiltered Clown, which is great, I love it – because it just means people are gonna understand when I put the book out, it’s gonna be amazing. He already knows that I’m doing a book, it’s gonna be a coffee table book, and it’s called ‘These Words Mean Nothing,’ and that’s his title, by the way, that’s the name of the book right now, that’s what it’s gonna be. I’ve been keeping a list for over 20 years now, and it is quite a long of just the crazy stuff that he has said over the years, like the way he will change a saying, and it feels like he messed it up, but he’ll repeat it, and be like, ‘Well, this is actually what I meant.’ And I’m like, ‘Ah, you’re so full of it.’ His mind is so creative that it’s gonna be great to hear him talk.”

Given everything Taylor touches turns into hot cash money, I won’t be surprised if that coffee table book sells gangbusters. Especially with not-at-all-biased, fair and balanced Knotfest.com leading the marketing charge!

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