Will Amaranthe’s New Song Go “Viral”?


Amaranthe’s new song, “Viral,” is about how obsessed we all are with screens. All well and good, except you’re reading this on a screen right now, and if you wanna watch the video for “Viral,” you’ll need to continue to do so via a screen, and even if you close this page and listen via your favorite DSP, chances are you will do so via a device very much like the ones Amaranthe are speaking out against here.

Point being, I don’t know how anyone, in good conscience, can ask you to check out this song.

Which is too bad. Surely, many of us have wondered what “Only for the Weak” would sound like it if it wasn’t good.

“Viral” is the first single from Amaranthe’s new album, Manifest, which comes out October 2.

Will Amaranthe’s New Song Go “Viral”?
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