Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Fake Iron Maiden Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Funk Turkey has become Metal YouTube’s latest sensation, thanks to his clever use of the website lyrics.rip, which takes any given artist’s lyrics, examines those lyrics, and then writes its own lyrics in the same style. Mr. Turkey has been taking these lyrics and setting them to music, thus far making for some deeply silly, surprisingly authentic-sounding takes on AC/DC and Metallica.

Now Funk is back, this time with a faux-Iron Maiden song, dubbed “Gravy Power,” which features such incredible lyrics as these:

8 and 40 souls
Became the number of the moon
When you’re debating witches and the clouds
In his majesty’s craft
Iron Maiden can’t be happy sad
Body’s numb and bad
So understand,
Here’s my feet
Not some crazy dream

Funk Turkey killed it musically, too — in fact, even with these ridiculous lyrics, “Gravy Power” is probably better than anything on A Matter of Life and Death, and definitely better than anything from the Blaze Bayley era.


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