Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer on Covid-19: “Nobody’s Going to Forcibly Vaccinate Me”


Iced Earth mastermind Jon Schaffer joined us on the most recent episode of The Quarantinecast, and in keeping with the theme of the series we talked at length about the ongoing pandemic and how it has affected the music industry, in addition to discussing his upcoming book of art, lyrics and interviews, Wicked Words and Epic Tales.

Unsurprisingly given his outspoken stances in the past, Schaffer is not buying that the pandemic is a serious threat, making reference to the “plandemic,” claiming coronavirus case counts have been artificially inflated, and suggesting that the current economic shutdown was orchestrated by a small group of global elites with profits in mind:

“I believe this is a psychological warfare campaign on the people more than it is a serious pandemic. I think there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye here, in fact, I know this is. I mean, legitimate doctors and scientists are being banned or censored on YouTube constantly, its… unbelievable levels of fraud. Not saying we don’t have a problem but the human race has faced this kind of thing for millennia, I mean, it just goes on and we don’t shut down the global economy. The death and unrest out of these decisions is going to be a thousand times worse than the virus.”

Asked about the recent horrifying spikes in reported Covid-19 cases and deaths in places such as Texas, Arizona and his former home state of Florida, he said:

“I think that’s where we have to start questioning the data, the way the tests are. I mean, look, the information is out there; turn off the television. I don’t give a shit what network you’re listening to, they’re lying to you. That’s the reality of it. There’s no excuse anymore in this day and age for people not to be able to figure out the tyranny we’re living under, there’s just no excuse.

“But you need to disconnect from the mainstream media sources; and I’m not saying listen to Fox News, because in this country it’s Pepsi or Coke. You have two choices, its a duopoly on mind control and I don’t go for either one of those situations.

“I’m just telling you, man, there’s so much evidence out there and if you understand the game plan of the handlers themselves, than you’ll understand why I wrote the things I did in Sons of Liberty, the things that I did on ‘Dystopia,’ and ‘Plagues of Babylon’ [Iced Earth’s 10th and 11th studio albums, respectively] for that matter, because I read their game plan. I’ve read their battle plan, I’ve read their books so I know what they’re up to.

“It’s not rocket science. It’s literally about putting pieces of a puzzle together to see what the controllers of our society and what their vision of the future is and how they’re going to get to that point. This is just another move in this Plandemic.

“There’s a lot to it, but you know, I’ve done thousands of hours of research and this is my understanding of the situation. It goes back, this whole movement is being funded by a very small group of people that have very dark designs for the future of humanity and the world and this is what’s happening. It’s just clear. It affirms everything I’ve studied for decades. “

When pressed about who these global controllers are, he answered:

“It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. The global elite families that run the Federal Reserve banking system, that’s basically all of the central banks around the world. It’s absolutely the way the world works. So start with reading ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island,’ research the council on foreign relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg.

“All of these things are real, they’re happening, and you’re never going to hear about it on the mainstream news because they’re the gatekeepers of what’s happening. It’s not paranoid conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact. And anybody that is naive enough to think that people with power would not conspire to keep their power, is living in a fucking fantasy. Period.”

On allegedly exaggerated Covid-19 infections and death counts:

“Well, I’m not saying that we don’t have a problem, but if somebody gets in a car crash and has the genetic material of a coronavirus, which most of us have ’cause we’ve had colds and flus in our life, they’re classifying everything as a Covid-related death, man, just look into it. This is just… I’m not buying it, I’m not buying it hook, line and sinker.

“I’ve seen the video footage, most of the hospitals are empty and its a gigantic level of fraud. People die all the time, dude. We don’t shut down the fuckin’ world. If you want me to believe for a minute that the governments around the world love the population so much that they’re willing to collapse society, I’m going to call bullshit on that. These people are murdering scum.

“[In Florida] there’s way more testing going on and there’s perfectly healthy people coming down that are being tested and look, dude. Look at the guy that invented the test who said, ‘don’t use this.’ And this is years ago. You don’t use this for determining viral testing, they’re testing genetic material which most humans have.

“You look at these criminals like Bill Gates and Fauci and they are fucking criminals, and there is a plan and it’s all to vaccinate everybody. And look out, because it’s a death cult that’s running this whole situation.”

On his inability to tour at the moment, and the eventuality that he may need be allowed to travel without getting vaccinated first:

“I don’t know when my band [Iced Earth] is going to be able to get back together because there’s all these criminal governors all over the states saying, ‘there’s never going to be another public gathering until there’s a vaccine.’ Well, fuck you. Nobody’s going to forcibly vaccinate me. Not happening.

Later on, he added:

“If its not forced but they make it impossible for you to do commerce, to travel, to go to events because you don’t have it. You’re being forced.”

You can watch or listen to the full interview below.

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