New Mastodon Album is “All Over the Map,” Says Drummer


Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher recently told an interviewer that the band has once again “shifted their sound” on their next album, which they’re in the process of writing. Prior to that, drummer Brann Dailor shared that he was “feeling the doom” with regards to the band’s new music, although it wasn’t clear whether he meant that literally or figuratively.

Well, now we have some clarification on the latter and confirmation of the former! In a recent chat with Louder Sound, Dailor talked a bit more about Mastodon’s next album, which we think won’t see the light of day before 2021, and said it’s “all over the map” AND that “a lot of it is kind of doomy.”

When asked about the musical direction, he said:

“It’s all over the map. There’s some big, big heavy riffs that are happening, so that’s what I’m into.

“And then there’s some guitar gymnastics by Brent Hinds that have been some of the most difficult things I’ve tried to wrap my head around and play drums to.

“So there’s some super-progginess coming from him, and some really super, pretty moments. But there’s some rockers in there, too. There’s some heavy, fast stuff as well. But a lot of it is kind of doomy. But that’s where we’re at!”

So that’s that. I truly do respect Mastodon for continuing to push themselves forward musically instead of pulling a Slayer or AC/DC and rehashing the same old ground over and over (as much as we love those bands, too). Something to look forward to in these corona-laden times.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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