Watch the Totally Killer Video for Ingested’s New Song with Kirk Windstein

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ingested have released a new single, “Another Breath,” from their forthcoming album Where Only Gods May Tread, out August 14 on Unique Leader… and I have thoughts!

  • This song is awesome. It’s the strongest of the three Tread singles released thus far (after “Impending Dominance” and “No Half Measures”), which is saying something, because its predecessors were also both top-notch. But “Breath” is just, like, so very groovy and so very catchy and so very nefarious-sounding. Two thumbs up.
  • Also, Kirk Windstein from Crowbar is in it. Two thumbs up.
  • The video for the song is awesome. It’s all stop motion animation created by Shayne Minott, and it plays like a more violent version of Tool’s “Sober.” Two thumbs up.
  • There’s a part in the intro that comes back later in the song that feels like it was almost certainly influenced by John Murphy’s “In the House – In a Heartbeat,” which is basically the main theme from the movie 28 Days Later and its sequel, 28 Weeks Later. Listen to “Breath” starting here and then listen to “House” starting here. I don’t think Ingested are ripping off Murphy — as Vince pointed out to me, “plenty of songs throughout metal have begun with arpeggiated four chord progressions in a minor key” — but I would guess that someone in Ingested is a Murphy fan. As am I! Two thumbs up.

Watch the video for “Another Breath” below. Pre-order Where Only Gods May Tread here.

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