Great White Singer on North Dakota Show: “I Never Apologized. And Never Will.”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Great White’s Mitch Malloy has continued the group’s ongoing quest to go down in history as the band most willing to endanger the safety of their fans.

In a new Facebook post, the singer walks back Great White’s already-weak apology for playing a show in North Dakota with no masks or social distancing requirements. Sharing a photo — allegedly taken at the performance — of three fans in masks, Malloy wrote:

“Front row Great White show @first_on_first in my home town of Dickinson ND. Fake news said no masks no social distancing. I keep saying otherwise and this pic proves my point. I never apologized. And never will. It was an awesome gig at my good buddies festival for my hometown crowd.”

What this post makes clear is that Malloy is either disingenuous, an idiot, or a disingenuous idiot.

The statement released by the band after the concert included the phrase “[W]e would like to apologize to those who disagree with our decision to fulfill our contractual agreement,” which may not be the most robust atonement every offered, but does literally contain the phrase “we apologize,” which means Malloy did apologize (unless he’s trying to actively take a stand against his bandmates here, which would be bad news unto itself).

Furthermore, while it’s nice that three whole fans were definitely wearing masks at the show, the trio are clearly not practicing social distancing. Additionally, video of the gig clearly shows that no one was practicing social distancing, and that masks were the exception, not the rule.

So Malloy can take his post-truth-era “fake news” bullshit and blow it out his curly blonde ass. If you ever think about going to see Great White, remember how little this schmuck thinks of you and consider using that money to wipe your ass instead.

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