CorpsePaintSoaps: Now You Can FINALLY Bathe with Euronymous


Ever been in the shower and thought, “Well, this is great, but I really wish there was a famous black metal musician in here with me, wearing full corpse paint”? If you have, well… first of all, maybe talk to a shrink and try to see what that’s all about. But also, head over to this Etsy shop and buy something from CorpsePaintSoaps, which is, as the name suggests, soaps with corpse paint.

Specifically, the designs, which go for $12+ a pop, are modeled on musicians such as Abbath, King Diamond, Papa Emeritus III, Dani Filth, Euronymous, Dead, King Ov Hell, and others. They’ve also got pentagram soap dishes, if you really, really feel a need to worship Satan every time you bathe or wash your hands.

See more options and make a purchase or six here. Then hit us up and let us know if the soap is good quality or not.

[via Loudwire]

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