Lars Ulrich Says That This Is the Song Which Best Represents Metallica

  • Axl Rosenberg

Eddie Trunk recently asked Lars Ulrich which Metallica song best represents the band. Which is a silly question, because the answer should be totally obvious to any true ‘Tallica fan. I mean, I don’t even see how this is a discussion.

Lars, however, must have sensed that this is the answer everyone was expecting, so he decided to throw the world for a loop instead:

“’Puppets’ is definitely a very, very, very close to the top choice, because, I guess, it checks a lot of boxes. Obviously, it’s a longer song, it’s kind of a journey, and it’s got the light and the dark, the heavy and the more melodic. So it’s got the many different moods. Obviously, it’s also got an incredible set of lyrics.

“Another song that checks a lot of those boxes is ‘One.’ But then there’s some deeper cuts. I think a song like ‘Bleeding Me’ has a lot of those boxes checked also. And some of the stuff from the last couple of records.

“But forced to make a choice, I guess I would probably nominate ‘Master of Puppets’ or ‘One’ as the ones that cover most of the bases, and most of what we in Metallica are proudest of in terms of what we do.”

Wow. No mention of “Shoot Me Again”? Any of the three “Unforgiven”s? “Carpe Diem Baby”? Kind of amazing. I wonder if Lars was just pandering to the Internet trolls who recently voted “Puppets” to be Metallica’s best song?

Which song do YOU think best represents Metallica? Argue needlessly in the comments section.

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