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Sevendust Announce New Album Blood & Stone

  • Axl Rosenberg

High fives all around: Sevendust, one of, like, three of the only good nu-metal bands to ever exist, have announced that they’ll release a new album called Blood & Stone on October 23 via Rise Records. It will be their thirteenth full-length studio release, which makes me feel old AF.

Here’s the cover art…

Sevendust Announce New Album Blood & Stone

…and here’s the tracklist…

  1. “Dying to Live”
  2. “Love”
  3. “Blood From a Stone”
  4. “Feel Like Going On”
  5. “What You’ve Become”
  6. “Kill Me”
  7. “Nothing Left to See Here Anymore”
  8. “Desperation”
  9. “Criminal”
  10. “Against the World”
  11. “Alone”
  12. “Wish You Well”
  13. “The Day I Tried to Live”

…and here’s the pre-order link. There’s no single yet, although, as you likely noted, the album will contain the band’s recent cover of Soundgarden’s “The Day I Tried to Live,” so there’s already been a single, kinda-sorta.

You’ll know more when we do…

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