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The Genghis Tron Reunion Is (Mostly) a Go

  • Axl Rosenberg

MetalSucks have been begging Genghis Tron to reunite almost from the moment they announced their hiatus in 2010 (on MySpace, LOL). So we were obviously VERY excited when they began to tease a comeback, via what appeared to be an in-studio photo, this past May. When they announced the vinyl reissue of their two full-lengths, Board Up the House and Dead Mountain Mouth, a month later, were like, “Hey that’s cool but WE STILL WANT AN ACTUAL REUNION.”

Well, it’s now officially official: we are getting an actual reunion! With one small caveat, according to a press release:

“Following the amicable departure of former vocalist Mookie Singerman, founding members [guitarist] Hamilton Jordan and [keyboardist] Michael Sochynsky will be joined by two new collaborators: vocalist Tony Wolski [The Armed] and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn. “

Singerman declining to re-join the fold complicates my feelings about the reunion somewhat. He was a killer frontman, but it’s not as though there aren’t other people who can scream and shriek.

More disconcerting to me is what may or may not be an impact on the band’s ability to write material. I have absolutely no clue how songwriting duties were handled by the band back in the day. Maybe Singer’s absence won’t affect their sound very much at all. Maybe it will. I guess we won’t know ’til we know. That’s my super-helpful expert analysis.

It’s also a little weird to think of Genghis Tron having an actual real-live drummer… but Yacyshyn is an absolute BEAST, so that news disturbs me less.

In any case, “The band has begun recording their long-awaited third full-length with producer Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts,” the press release says. It should go without saying that the involvement of Ballou, who also produced House and Mouth, bodes very well, too.

Says Sochynsky:

“We said it was just a hiatus and we meant it! It’s been incredible writing music again and hearing everything come together in the studio. This is the album we’ve always wanted to write. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.”

We can’t wait to hear it, sir! Now DON’T DISAPPOINT US. No pressure. But really. DON’T.

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