Mixer Chris Lord-Alge On In Flames Clayman Re-Recordings: “If You’re Mad About It, Then Listen To The Originals”


In Flames’ decision to re-record a handful of songs their classic 2000 album Clayman, one of the most beloved in the band’s catalogue, has drawn quite a bit of criticism from the metalsphere (this publication included). Why mess with something that was already so great, the thinking goes, even the sound quality is a bit sub-par and sounds dated? We love it just fine the way it is.

The Gear Gods Excessive Nerd Shit Podcast spoke to Chris Lord-Alge, who mixed the re-recorded tracks (they were produced by Howard Benson), and the guy basically told haters to STFU:

 “I’m not really concerned with copying the old sound, I’m just trying to make the new sound feel more current. So, you know, they can be mad about it, but look – if you’re mad about it, listen to the originals.”

That’s a fair point. Listen to the originals I will! No need for this malarkey.

The four re-recorded songs — the title track, “Bullet Ride,” “Only for the Weak” and “Pinball Map” — come as bonus tracks on the 20th anniversary reissue of Clayman, which was re-mastered by Ted Jensen, and comes out on August 28. Have a listen to both versions of “Pinball Map” below.

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