Carcass Debut New Song “the Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue,” Announce New EP

  • Axl Rosenberg

If not for this goddamn motherfucking coronavirus, we’d all be enjoying a new Carcass full-length right now: the band was supposed to release Torn Arteries on August 7, but delayed the record indefinitely on account of the pandemic. Sad trombone.

But turn that frown upside down: as a consolation prize, the band will release a new EP, Despicable, on October 30! The track list for the four-song release is as follows:

  1. “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue”
  2. “The Long and Winding Bier Road”
  3. “Under the Scalpel Blade” (album version)
  4. “Slaughtered in Soho”

“Under the Scalpel Blade” was released last year, but the other tracks are new. And based on the first single, “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue,” Carcass will avoid the post-reunion-sophomore-slump that has plagued so many of their peers. The track — which takes its name from a 1974 horror film you may know as Let Sleeping Corpses Lie — fucking RULES. Like, listening to it simultaneously makes me super-stoked to hear the rest of Despicable, and super-sad that we’ll have to wait longer for Torn Arteries.

Blast this shit!

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