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Slayer’s Kerry King Has Two Albums’ Worth of New Music Written


Like many musicians, Slayer guitarist Kerry King (or is it ‘ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King’?) has spent his time at home during the pandemic writing new music. Presumably that would’ve been the case anyway, whatwith Slayer’s big farewell tour and all — although the band’s manager previously indicated there would be life after touring for the group — but it seems King has really made the most of it, revealing in a new interview that he’s already got a ton of new music written.

Speaking to Dean Guitars — his new axe of choice after leaving B.C. Rich last year, a company whose guitars and King had become synonymous — King explained:

“I’ve been very, very lucky with riffs in 2020. Maybe because I can’t go anywhere — I don’t know — but riffs have certainly not been a problem. And looking forward into the future, what that means for me is I’m gonna be able to cherrypick the best stuff. And it’s good stuff. I’ve got more than two records’ worth of music, but to be able to go through that and cherrypick the best 11 or 12 [songs]… That first record should be smoking.”

But with whom will King be recording and performing this music? Despite previous rumors suggesting that Phil Anselmo and Kerry’s ex-Slayer bandmates Paul Bostaph and Gary Holt (also of Exodus) were involved in a new King-led project, Kerry insists he doesn’t know yet:

“Right now, I’m the only lyricist, because I’m the only one writing music, because I’m not positive who everybody is that’s gonna be playing with me. So it’s all on me at the moment. So, actually, I’ve actually gotta cherrypick those songs, pick my 10 or 12 favorites and actually start trying to put lyrics on them, just to move the process forward.”

Either Kerry’s playing coy or he really doesn’t know, but either way this news has Slayer fans salivating.

I couldn’t help but wonder [Sarah Jessica Parker voice]: will King’s new music sound like the umpteenth identical Slayer album, or something entirely new?

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