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Maynard Addresses ‘Absurd’ Tool Fans Theories


Tool fans are some of the most annoying, insufferable and absurd in all of rock. I say that as one of them myself. This video from last year sums it up quite well:

Tool fans are known for their conspiracy theory-level fascination with every little thing the band does, and to that end Ultimate Classic Rock recently asked Maynard how he feels about some Tool (and A Perfect Circle) fans calling his recent lyrics “prophetic,” presumably with regards to the current pandemic:

“People have, I guess, complimented or acknowledge, or they claim, that there’s a lot of prophetic things that came out on [the latest APC record, 2018’s] ‘Eat the Elephant,’ prophetic things on ‘Inoculum,’ probably prophetic things on [the new Puscifer album].

“But it’s not really prophetic, it’s just understanding patterns and understanding human nature and where we’re going. Although they might seem specific, they’re not. They’re human experience.

“Last night we had pasta with tomatoes and basil from our garden, drinking our own wine. It’s one of those things that didn’t happen overnight. We had to work for that…

“I could claim, ‘Look how I was right 25 years ago when I planted that orchard and planted that garden.’ That’s absurd. I just like planting things.”

So there you have it, Maynard’s word to your eyes: he’s not a prophet! Sorry, folks. He’s just a regular dude and we’ve all been bamboozled. It’s almost as if he’s been saying so the whole time.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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