Deftones White Pony Remix Album, Black Stallion, is Complete

Deftones White Pony Remix Album, Black Stallion, is Complete

We’ve been hearing since the spring about Black Stallion, a remix album of Deftones’ 2000 release White Pony set to celebrate that seminal record’s 20th anniversary, and it now appears that the band are putting the finishing touches on it and readying it for release.

Speaking with Spin.com, frontman Chino Moreno commented:

“The record’s just been mastered, and it’s fucking brilliant. It could have been a little self-indulgent — it’s a record based off another record that’s people already like, so it would be easy to fuck up. Our initial idea was to have DJ Shadow remix the whole record.

“He said he would love to do a song, so he did a remix of ‘Digital Bath.’ The majority of the people we reached out to came back with excitement: ‘Oh, I love this song. Can I do this song?’ The record is sequenced exactly like ‘White Pony,’ so it kind of takes you on a journey in the same way but completely flipped upside-down.”

So that seems exciting, right? I’m not someone who generally gets excited about remixes, but I’m definitely interested in hearing this record as an exercise in music listening and appreciation. 2020 will come to a close before too long, so hopefully Deftones put this thing out before the 20th anniversary has come and gone (although I doubt anyone would complain if it came out in 2021).

Deftones’ new album, Ohms, came out today. Listen here!

Deftones have unveiled their very own Instagram filter that utilizes augmented reality to render the eyes from Frank Maddocks’ album cover artwork onto whatever the user decides to place them on. Fans can now adopt one of the 12,995 dots on the cover for $20 each, with the proceeds all going to charity.

Frontman Chino Moreno recently said that guitarist Stephen Carpenter was much more “engaged” this time around than on their 2016 album, Gore, with drummer Abe Cunningham adding that “Stephen’s guitar tone is so damn thick” on the lead single. Carpenter had said about the previous album that he “wasn’t too interested” in the material the other band members brought to the table, explaining “It wasn’t the style or the sound I was hoping we would take. It wasn’t what I was expecting or wanting.”

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