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The Best Metal Songs About Gambling


Metal songs have taken their inspiration from many areas of life over the years, and it would be fair to say a whole lot of them revolve around risqué topics like sex, drugs and other scorned activities – one of those being gambling. It’s a pastime loved by the masses, and several metal bands have shared their thoughts on it through their music over the years.

“Poker Face”

Stay with us here. “Poker Face,” a hit song by one-time Metallica collaborator Lady Gaga, is a track assume is about gambling because poker gets a mention. However, Lady Gaga herself cleared things up and suggested she wrote the song about bisexuality. Later on, Steve N’ Seagulls, the Finnish metal/bluegrass band, did a cover version of the multi-award-winning piece of music in which they changed the meaning of the track back to gambling, and it was well-received by listeners.

“Ace of Spades”

Is there a metal song more famous for its links to gambling than “Ace of Spades” by the iconic band Motorhead? Listeners are taken on a journey as they learn about a gambling addict who believes that when the ace of spades drops his luck will always be in. Motorhead released the track several decades ago and it came an instant classic; there have been myriad covers and re-workings since, and it’s also featured as part of the Motorhead slot machine, which many have proclaimed to be one of the best metal inspired slot games of all time.

“Train of Consequences”

A lot of music that takes inspiration from gambling pushes the narrative of it being an attractive vice, a pastime that provides a ton of thrills and excitement. That’s why Megadeth’s “Train of Consequences” shocked so many when it hit the scene, taking the alternative narrative that looks at the negatives that come from gambling, not just on individuals but on society as a whole.

“The Angel and the Gambler”

Music allows artists to express themselves and broadcast their feelings to the world. Iron Maiden, one of the most successful metal groups of all time, used songs in this way frequently, and “The Angel and the Gambler” is a prime example. The track depicts a story where a gambler attempts to finally quit rolling the dice, but, as many have experienced, the pull back in is often too great to overcome. It’s well documented that members of Iron Maiden had issues with addiction, and this song was a way for them to face up to their problems.

“Deuces Are Wild”

A classic from the American rock band Aerosmith. If you enjoy playing the casino game “Deuces Wild” you will understand the connection, as the deuces will be what you need them to be to win the maximum. Hitting the deuces at real money casinos (see examples) would be the jackpot. However, this song is not primarily about gambling, even if another line also has a clear poker reference: “’cause you and me is two of a kind.” As you might have figured, the woman is the main objective for Steven Tyler in this one.

Gambling has undoubtedly been a source of inspiration for many kinds of music, but metal artists do it better than anyone, tackling not only its perks and negatives, how it can impact them as a person, those around them, and society in general. The tracks above speak for themselves and do a fantastic job in communicating that to listeners.

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