That Time Eddie Van Halen Was On Two and a Half Men


Did you know that in 2009, Eddie Van Halen cameo’d on the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men? I sure didn’t! I never watched that garbage! But the show’s then-star, Charlie Sheen, is friends with a lot of Hollywood rockstar types (Slash, Bret Michaels, etc.), so I guess he called in a favor.

Eleven years later, YouTube recommend the clip to me because it noticed I’ve been watching a fuckton of Van Halen videos recently (for obvious reasons). So, now I know this happened.

And you can, too! Watch the clip below. Fair warning (cheesy joke totally intended): it’s not funny (unless you like jokes about EVH taking a dump I guess — no, seriously). But it does contain Eddie briefly shredding, sooooo

Unsurprisingly, Van Halen sales and streams have gone through the roof since Eddie’s death, and last week, the band had 20 of the top 25 tracks on , Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.

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