‘Heavy Future Groove’ Band Lespecial Debut New Single, “Snell’s Fleet”


Self-described “heavy future groove” outfit Lespecial boast on their official band bio that they take influence from J Dilla, Radiohead, King Crimson and Fela Kuti. That’s quite a diverse array, and indeed, Lespecial are a multi-faceted act that transcend traditional genre boundaries.

On “Snell’s Fleet,” the band’s latest single, Lespecial showcase every bit of that heavy future groove descriptor. “Heavy” is easy to place — distorted, chugged riffs have that covered — while “groove,” in this case, comes not in the form of Pantera power but Primus or Bungle-inspired funk/fusion. As for “future,” well, that’s open for interpretation, but with skilled players who have a knack for composition and an imagination that’s gotten them this far already, anything is certainly possible.

Check out “Snell’s Fleet” below. Lespecial’s new album, Ancient Homies, comes out on December 4. Follow the band on Facebook.

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