Enlarge Photo credit: Michael Briggs

‘Metalliviolence’ Band Yatsu Unveil Free Three-Song EP


Dallas-area trio Yatsu describe themselves as “metalliviolence,” and I’ll be damned if that ain’t the perfect description for their unique brand of proggy doom stoner grind or whatever the fuck they’re pedaling on their debut EP, the appropriately titled Three Instrumentals, Y’all.

Recorded at the same time as their upcoming full-length, It Can’t Happen Here, the band surmise that fans of Hydra Head, Relapse, and Prank Records artists (or what those labels are best known for, generally speaking) will dig their sound, and like I said in this piece’s opening sentence, these guys have a startlingly accurate sense of self-awareness. They’ve also got me nailed, and scarily so!

Three Instrumentals, Y’all is out now for streaming and free download. The full-length, It Can’t Happen Here, is coming in spring 2021. Get in now so you can say you knew them when.

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