Video: Brass Band Covers Tool’s “Stinkfist”


The overlapping section of the Venn diagram for Instruments Considered to Be Metal and Instruments Made From Actual Metal has been one occupant: Clown from Slipknot’s keg.

That’s a bummer, because there are plenty of metal songs that would benefit from the involvement of a brass band. Sure, some bands have already kinda dipped their toes in that water — bands like Rivers of Nihil and The Faceless have used sax players — but I mean, like, a full-on brass band, or at least a brass section. Like, we know Mark Morton is a fan of The Black Crowes, who use brass instruments all the time. Wouldn’t “Walk With Me in Hell” sound boss with some brass instruments?

Lest ye doubt my hypothesis re: brass instruments and metal songs, check out this cover of Tool’s “Stinkfist.” It was created by Brass Against, the self-described “collective of artists… who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action.” They didn’t make any substantial changes from the original song — they didn’t even ditch the guitar — they just added a brass band. Check this shit out and tell me you wouldn’t be into the actual Tool doing a version of this:

While I wait for Erik Rutan to add a brass trio to Hate Eternal, you can watch Brass Against’s cover of Alice in Chains’ “Rooster” here.

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