Watch: 10-Year-Old Plays Slipknot Song on Drums, Nails It!


Ten-year-old drumming phenom Nandi Bushell, who made international headlines this past fall through a multi-round online drum battle with Dave Grohl (and had been making a name for herself with impressive drum videos well before that), has released a new clip of herself covering Slipknot’s “Unsainted.” And, no surprise, she absolutely nails it!

Bushell, who tagged a number of drum companies in a post to Instagram and thanked Ludwig for her brand new kit (those endorsements are rolling in!), said that “Unsainted” is her first attempt at double-bass, explaining:

“Yes! I am a total metal head! I love how awesome the drumming is in @slipknot! This is my first attempt at double pedals! Taking my playing to the next level. This song is called I #unstainted by #slipknot! Incredible drumming @jayweinberg! This song brings my A game @coreytaylor @mshawncrahan @7mick7 @jimrooted #metalhead #metal #heavymetal #doublepedals. Thank you @ludwigdrumshq my new kits is sounding awesome! @zildjiancompany @vicfirth @roland_us @roland.artists #roland #vicfirth #zildjian #ludwig #zildjianfamily #zildjiancovers

You can watch roughly a minute of the performance that Nandi shared below.

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