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Machine Head Frontman Pens Poem on “National Shame” of Pro-Trump Riots


Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn, never shy about sharing his political and social views, has penned a poem — or perhaps lyrics to a new song — about the recent pro-Trump riot and looting of the Capitol, sharing to the band’s email list, The General Journals.

Flynn covers a wide-range of related topics in one fell swoop in the poem, which is titled “Vomitous Creatures and Cretins:” the national shame of the looting in Washington, D.C., the “confederate piousness” of many Trump supporters, Trump’s suspension from social media (“too little too late, did the tech giants wait”), the police enabling the riots for white people (“OK to kill black kids for the same”), Qanon conspiracy theorists and more. It’s a doozy.

Here’s the full poem:

“Charlatans with no morals, have brought us these sorrows, and we have no one to blame⁠
But ourselves we’ve allowed, what can only be now, called a moment of national shame⁠
With confederate piousness, standing tall on the dais, armed gunmen plunder our Congress⁠
When American flags, are replaced with Donald Trump flags, only now do they⁠ see how we’ve regressed⁠

“Fiery speeches, puked by lecherous leeches, the vomitous creatures and cretins⁠
Conspiracies shouted, her truth has been routed, as liberty lays raped and beaten⁠
And we would be fool, not to call this a coup, months in the making this game⁠
Too little too late, did the tech giants wait, as the country went up into flame⁠

“The police remained calm, as white men looted on, the Qanon’s who feigned so much disgust⁠
At when Kaepernick kneeled, because black boys were killed, in silent protest⁠ to the unjust
They attacked freedom’s property, then claimed that it ought to be, OK to kill black kids for the same⁠
God forbid it was Target, that might make them a target, police trigger-fingers itching to tame

“Black folks died for fake $20’s, for toy guns they lost plenty, 2020 our national reckoning⁠
Now in 2021, the Maga’s have come, to the tune of Trump’s pied piper beckoning⁠
And with nary a scratch, a few cans of teargas, to the terrorist attempting a coup⁠
They looted with amnesty, to democracies travesty, oh to be white, in the red, WHITE, and blue”

Machine Head have released a handful of standalone new songs in 2020 including “Circle the Drain,” “My Hands are Empty,” and “Civil Unrest,” the latter of which features Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach.

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