Every Time I Die and Cave In Swapping Songs for Livestream Event


We are now in what feels like month 47 of the pandemic. Like, I’m down to telenovelas on Netflix. Shit is bleak.

Fortunately, the creative geniuses at Two Minutes to Late Night — who have kept us all entertained for the past year with their Bedroom Covers — are launching a new streaming series. Dubbed Splitsville, each episode will feature two bands covering one another’s songs.

That’s a GREAT idea. There’s a lot of fun possibilities for fans, and it might actually make each band new fans, too.

And they’re going pretty big for the premiere episode: the two song-swappin’ bands will be Every Time I Die and Cave In. Both of those bands are killer, and even though they only emerged a few years apart, my experience has been that Cave In’s audience leans slightly older than ETID’s… so, like I said, in addition to being fun for those of us who are already fans of both groups, this might actually net them some new admirers as well.

The first installment will launch on Friday, January 29 at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. Tickets are on sale here, and they’re just five bucks. That’s a steal!

Semi-off-topic thought: remember when Mastodon and Feist did this for Record Store Day about nine years back? I’ve always appreciated this concept.

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