-(16)- “Tear It Down” with New Song


-(16)-‘s new song, “Tear It Down,” is a fucking anaconda of a track.

It slowly wraps around you, constricting until every bone in your body is broken, its jaws stretched impossibly wide to swallow you whole. Sludgey guitars swirl with funereal organs over PTSD-inducing drums, the chorus is compunctious but catchy (extremely catchy), there’s a creepy AF section where they just intone the words “Last breath, then you’re gone” over and over again atop a carnivorous bass line, a killer guitar solo, and a stampeding elephants marching riff… and… and…

And I really like this song. Can you tell?

Check out “Tear It Down” via the below music video (via Cvlt Nation). The song will appear on -(16)-‘s new split with Grime, Doom Sessions Vol. 3,  which comes out February 26 on Heavy Psych Sounds. Pre-order it here (U.S.) or here (everywhere else).

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